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Island History

Syros is the most populous island of the Cyclades with an area of 84 square kilometers and more than 20,000 residents. The island consists of the Municipality of Syros.

Appointed Chair of the historic seat Ermoupolis and Ano Syros.

Two of the most important places of the prehistoric Aegean, Chalandriani (Cycladic settlement and cemeteries) and the Castle (protokykladitikos settlement), located in Syros.During historic times the island developed two cities in the region of Syros and Galiosa respectively. In the 6th century BC lived in the Syrian philosopher Ferekides, considered teacher Pythagora.Kata the classical period (5th – 4th century. BC) the island was in the shadow of nearby Delos.Syros flourished during the Hellenistic and especially Roman times. Having experienced a period of decline during the Byzantine period, the island has been taken in the Frankish Duchy of the Aegean and the Turkish Archipelagous.Epi Syros has provided significant benefits.During the Revolution of 1821 the island came under French protection, so to settle in this epanastimenes refugees from various regions and Asia Minor (Chios, Psara, Izmir, etc.).They formed the core of the new capital of Syros, Syros, soon evolved into economic and spiritual center, the largest island choras.To accepted large numbers of refugees after the Asia Minor Catastrophe (1922).