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Coastal tourist resort (4 km from the port), stretched around the eponymous sandy beach. From Azolimnos easy access to other beaches and the center of Syros.

From restaurants and cafes on the beach, enjoying the cool of the Aegean, the full moon and lit villages of Tinos and Mykonos.

Day trips

  • Starting Syros you can visit the day for pilgrimage to Tinos and Mykonos Virgin, Serifos and the other Cycladic islands.
  • Daily cruises to beaches.
  • Tours by coach and guide.


Ermoupolia for many years to create a Syrian international headquarters in classical music, theater, art, singing, dancing, painting, photography.

The events you can watch during the holidays, you do not have to envy anything similar in Athens.

Movies: You can enjoy movies I view the magnificent Summer Palace Cine.


Come experience the magic underwater world in blue and clear waters of Syros.

Hiking – Trails (Upper Syros)

The part of the island has special interest for those seeking a unique experience. The area is characterized by a combination of morphological features that are rarely found in the Aegean.

There are eleven signposted routes which give a pleasant browsing experience.